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Hanna Instruments offers a wide range of products especially designed for agriculture, which will increase plant/crop yields and maxmize the plant growth.

Our Hanna Instruments products are extremely easy to use, economical and will help you in measuring critical parameters, such as pH, EC, TDS, temperature, humidity and the quantity of several significant essential nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and many others.


pH and EC are the most fundamental parameters when testing the soil, because they have   great influence on the ability of plants to absorb essential nutrients. The optimum value of pH of the soil is around the neutralization (pH = 7) in order to obtain the best absorption. However each plant has its own interval of pH in which it grows best if it manages to properly absorb the nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus etc. The soil salinity is highly connected with the quantity of minerals in it and it is measured as the value of electrical conductivity of the saturated extract, expressed in mS/cm.  Each plant favours a definite value of conductivity, which can vary from 1 to 4 mS/cm.


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HANNA Instruments  offers pool contractors, CPO’s and homeowners a variety of water testing equipment. In Hanna offer there is a wide range of testers, photometers, chemical test kits, controllers, monitors and free and total chlorine analyzers. Maintenance of pool water demands monitoring of certain parameters, such as monitoring of pH. In this respect, one of the most common questions is: What shoud the pH of your pool be?  The pH of a pool should be around 7,4. pH has a tendency to move up in a pool, due to dirt, sweat, lotion, urine, etc. Higher pH means less effective chlorine. You can usually lower the pH by adding muriatic acid. 

Find out more about pool maintenance on our blog:

Why do we have to treat water in pools and spa?

Testing just pH and Chlorine? Are you sure it would be enough?


Wine line



HANNA Instruments  offers to winemakers a wide range of products for wine analysis. Among our products you can find titration systemsphotometers,benchtopsand portable meters,turbidity meters and electrodes for measuring pH , copper, iron, tartaric acid, colours and phenol in wine. In addition our technical service is there for you to provide you with the perfect solutions and give answers on the most common qeustion regarding wine producing, such as:


When is the best time to harvest?

What is the best method to measure the amount of sugar present in wine?

Why is it important to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide in wine?

Why is it important to measure the amount of ammonia present in wine?


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food and beverage


Hanna Instruments is a manufacture of high quality instruments. Providing the food industry with the required and proper instruments, in order to perform a proper control of their products. The instruments and the methods are certified. Instruments for the Food industry include: pH meters, thermometers, titrators. Our wide range of products and chemical test kits for measuring different parameters,  important for food industry and for the whole production process, which is divided into four stages:


  1. Purchasing and stocking of raw material
  2. Production
  3. Keeping and stocking
  4. Transportation, distribution and retailing

Each of above mentioned stages has its own parameters to be monitored and each parameter has its own critical points which can decide further results of production process. There are several important parameters that must be tested, for instance pH, temperature, salinity and the sodium content, conductivity, content of sugar, etc. 








Hanna Instruments produces high quality equipment for the laboratory: bench top meters and portable pH Meters, EC meters, dissolved oxygen meters, turbidity meters, photometers and titrators.




Water treatment



One of the most important goals of the water treatment is to solve the nutrients from the waste water. This is possible with a combination of biological and chemical processes. Hanna Instruments offers high quality instruments for this required processes: photometers, pH meters and turbitidy meters. 


environmental analysis




Hanna Instruments supports your environmental analysis with versatile products offered. Parameters included: pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, chlorine, phosphate, phosphorus, chromium VI, nickel and many more..





Hanna Instruments offers a wide selection of products, which are specialized for the fish farming industry. With the instruments from Hanna Instruments is it possible to measure all the essential parameter, which are important in the fish farming industry. This includes the measuring of: disolved oxygen (DO), pH, alkalinity, temperature, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hardness, hydrogen sulfide, and salinity.  

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Hanna Instruments produces and distributes high quality instruments, which can be used  to support the galvanic processes. Crucial parameter like base number, total base number, acid number, napththenic acids, mercaptan sulfur, alkalinity, saponification number, bromine number, hydroxyl number can be determined with the help of a titrator.




Hanna Instruments d.o.o.

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10000 Zagreb - Hrvatska

Tel: +385 (0) 1 2446 721 

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